Bill Frisell Solos DVD

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Bill Frisell - guitar, loops

Filmed on location at the Berkeley Church, Toronto, Canada April 4, 2004. Filmed in Hi-definition (HD) video and surround-sound audio.

Original Sessions produced by Original Spin Media. Directed by Daniel Berman

Editors: Daniel Berman and Paul McNulty

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Phil Hay

DVD produced by Daniel Berman, Paul McNulty and Lee Townsend

A co-production of Songline/Tone Field Productions and Original Spin Media.

(Universal region formatting, plays in all countries)


1. Keep Your Eyes Open 4:42

2. Throughout 3:14

3. Ron Carter 4:36

4. Boubacar 7:49

5. Shenandoah 11:13

6. Wildwood Flower 3:43

7. Poem For Eva 3:48



8. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 3:50

9. Masters Of War 5:06

10. My Man's Gone Now 4:17