Lágrimas Mexicanas - CD

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Vinicius Cantuária - vocals, percussion and acoustic guitar
Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitars, loops

Produced by Lee Townsend

Recording Engineers: Jason Lehning and Adam Muñoz
Mixing Engineer: Adam Muñoz
Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi
Production Assistance: Adam Blomberg

Recorded at Avast Recording, Seattle and Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

Entertainment One Music, 2011


Song List:  

1. Mi Declaración
2. Calle 7
3. La Curva
4. Lágrimas Mexicanas
5. Lágrimas De Amor
6. Cafezinho
7. El Camino
8. Aquela Mulher
9. Briga De Namorados
10. Forinfas

TRT 41:15